About me!

Meet, Khyati Sharma: a full-time Dreamer and part-time Writer. A firm believer of Good Karma-Cinema Junkie-Chocolate Binger-Ardent Reader.

Hailing from New Delhi (India), I have always wanted to be on the creative front of media. And rightly so, my trek to journalism began in 2014 with Hindustan Times (which is like the Sydney Morning Herald of India) where I learned all the nitty-gritty of the entertainment industry.

Later on, I was appointed as the Senior Web Editor and Social Media Manager of a leading daily Pinkvilla.com where I interviewed globally acclaimed author Ruskin Bond and some more eminent Bollywood personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kajol, Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra, and Alia Bhatt to name a few.

Like all good things must come to an end; so did my stint with the country I was born and raised in. Back in 2019, I moved my base to Australia to join my Tech-geek husband. Here, in my spare time, I am either experimenting with my cooking skills or exploring the world around me while carrying the essential kit which usually involves a book, a pen & a personal diary.

Recently, I started my platform, ‘Immigrants in Australia’ where I document the wonderful journeys of the many people who have come to Australia from around the world.

We all are gifted individuals, possessing something or the other that differentiates us from the mob. And I believe that I am blessed with a world of words that I vow to use in the best possible way(s)!

The name ‘cheerful worrier’ has been dragged from my persistent state of being. I am a forever happy and edgy soul. A perennial river flow with two opposite streams- that’s me.

This blog is merely a reflection of my thoughts and fantasies. Sometimes I am reviewing the books I laid my hands on, sometimes I am interviewing the genius brain behind them (authors), sometimes I am creating stories that I dreamed about the previous night and more often than not; I am voicing my opinions on life and the lessons it keeps teaching me on a daily basis.

Join me on this crazy ride! 🙂

Say hello- [email protected]

-Your Cheerful Worrier.