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Marriage of Two Cities

Rose and Roger’s marriage was fixed for next month. The families who had met through a matrimonial website decided within a day that not much time should be wasted for the couple to get wed […]

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Promises Are Meant to be Kept

Many moons ago, there lived a young boy Tom who was madly in love with his long-time girlfriend, Jen. Ever since the beginning Jen’s parents strongly disagreed of her relationship with her boyfriend. Saying that […]

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A Tale of Ove and Olive

There lived an old pensioner father Ove whose life revolved around his only son- Olive. Ove usually had whole time to himself since he was retired by profession but like a dutiful father, he dedicated […]

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The Student of the Year

Sports day has always been my favourite event of the year through the entire school life. The student who wins the greatest number of gold medals gets a ‘student of the year’ award and I […]

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No One Quite Like My Grandma

“Congratulations, it’s a girl,” Nurse said smilingly as she placed me onto my grandmother’s lap. “Nincompoop, couldn’t you wrap her in a piece of cloth? She might catch a cold,” scolded my granny to the […]