Marriage of Two Cities

Rose and Roger’s marriage was fixed for next month. The families who had met through a matrimonial website decided within a day that not much time should be wasted for the couple to get wed off. Their marriage could not have been more straightforward. The wedding list from the groom’s side was settled for about 300 people long. And so was the list from the bride’s end. It looked like it was going to be the marriage of two cities.

The big day was finally here. The wedding venue looked one of a kind with a room full of people. It was overwhelming to see how much love and goodwill both the families have earned. Rose who was looking beyond beautiful in her white shiny wedding gown thought to herself, “the last time so many people queued up to see me, I was a one-day old displayed at the hospital nursery. After that it is today. Sigh.”

The ceremony was going smoothly; the couple flashed a radiant smile at each other, thereby agreeing to be each other’s companion in all seven lives. But all those promises went down the drain when a sudden fight between the relatives broke out during the dinner. It all started over an innocent mistake, where the groom’s relative was raising a toast to the newlyweds and accidentally took the wrong name of his wife. “On behalf of my wife Jen and I”– his wife’s name was Sue; Jen was his sister-in-law.”

Obviously, this did not go down too well with the relative’s wife Sue who in return, got a plate full of ice-cream, only to smash it on her husband’s face. The matter escalated so much that the estranged relative couple lost their cool and even started throwing dishes at each other. If you think this was it then you’re wrong. Just before one matter could get resolved, the bride’s grandma stood up to cut the cake with her credit card. When Rose asked for the reason behind her act, grandma simply put, “you think that drama between the couple was going to end anytime soon? Why delay in having the delicious cake then?”

The newlyweds were embarrassed to the bits! Especially since their eagerly awaited- marriage day got kaput. Good ole relatives and grandma!

Eventually, bridegroom’s parents had to intervene and apologise to the guests present there for this sudden outrage at the dinner table. With some additional return gifts given to the relatives, the matter got resolved and the rest of the night was spent in love and peace. And it was further decided that whosoever in the family decides to get married next, will cut short the wedding list to only the immediate family members. The family had seen enough of the ‘big fat’ wedding.