Book Review: This is the story of a happy marriage

This is my first Ann Patchett book and it only makes me realise how much I have been losing out on! I wish I had picked this before. Truly one of my best reads from 2020.

Highly recommended by #Reesebookclub, this little book of collective essays by the author about her life are partially funny and partially sad.

The stories included in the book make your heart ponder through the series of subjects. I admired her powerful take on divorce. Just because you married wrong doesn’t mean you’d end up being miserable and punishing yourself till the end. There’s always an option to fix the mistake, and sometimes the answer is to leave the toxic state of marriage.

I have been with my husband for 15 years and married for 3 years. I can relate to Patchett’s advice that whoever you are with should make you a better person. Being with someone who makes you want to be a better person is important. If they bring out the best in you then they are a keeper. Someone who is always in your corner encouraging you to follow your dreams. 

Pick this pearl if you aspire to be a writer. The carefully scribbled stories give a wonderful insight towards what it takes to better your craft. The incomparable Ann combines her sharp wit with impeccable writing style into the page-turning stories for an unforgettable ‘This is the story of a happy marriage‘.

I am positive you’d love this book as much as I did.