Book Review: Unfinished

Priyanka Chopra Jonas doesn’t need any formal introduction. As a global actress, singer and now author, Priyanka has a quite colourful resume – but let it be known that her road to success was far from being easy. If you think she’s got it all then that’s because she really worked hard to be that person. Nationally and Internationally, Priyanka has carved a place for herself as gigantic as the 20-foot-long trail on the Ralph Lauren trench gown she wore to the Met Gala in 2017. And she’s not apologetic about aiming to be a bigger, shinier, and a better star. 

In her memoir, “Unfinished” Chopra, 38, chronicles her rise to fame, marriage to Nick Jonas and pays a great tribute to her Indian roots and upbringing that has shaped who she is today. A remarkable narrative rooted in two different worlds, the book offers insights into Priyanka’s golden childhood in India; her sensitive teenage years in the United States; and her sudden return to India, where the stars were fully aligned to mark her first step into the glamour world. She won the national and international title of Miss World that ultimately launched her acting career.

Priyanka documents her honest feelings of abandonment when she was first sent to a boarding school in the third grade, where she once slept in her own vomit the entire night just because she didn’t want to get into trouble. She talks about dealing with bullying and racism during her teenage life in Massachusetts, which ripped her self-confidence and led her back to her home country. She mentions her doting friendship with Mindy Kaling and even addresses some of the controversies she was a part of, like the “Quantico” Hindu terror plot or the flak during the endorsement of skin-lightening creams. She later delves deep into the void her father’s death left her with and the affairs that left her heartbroken.

I’ll be honest, I had more expectations from this memoir. As a former entertainment journalist, there’s nothing that I didn’t know already about Priyanka Chopra Jonas that is mentioned in the book. I also thought she was quite watchful in terms of what to put out and what to keep within- something a memoir should never be dealt as. But keeping that part aside, Priyanka’s story is still a great inspiration for those who want to transform their dreams into goals.

Title: Unfinished

Author: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Publisher: Penguin Random House 

Pages: 256

MRP: 32.99$