Book Review: Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

“When you raise a girl who likes herself, everything else follows!”

One of my favourite pastimes is crossing by the bookstores to ensure I am thoroughly updated with the new releases. And it was one such evening when my eyes met the title of what I now consider the new bible for parenting young daughters- Raising Girls Who Like Themselves. I was truly ecstatic about receiving a copy of this fabulous book by the ever-generous Penguin Books Australia.

Now I don’t usually relate with the parenting books since I am miles away from climbing the staircase of motherhood. Still, I couldn’t resist reading Kasey and Edwards’ little labour of love and taking a deep glance at the Foreward, which was a perfect page-turner. It really resonated with me when they said we want our children to have lives that are better than ours. But more than anything, we want them to have the courage to be real.

Kasey and Edward chalk out the seven qualities that enable girls to arm themselves against a world that tells them they are flawed:

  1. A girl who likes herself has a power perspective
  2. A girl who likes herself has body confidence
  3. A girl who likes herself owns her body
  4. A girl who likes herself is calm
  5. A girl who likes herself is independent and masterful
  6. A girl who likes herself has strong relationships
  7. A girl who likes herself is herself

The above listings form the chapter titles of the book. Each chapter explores why each trait is paramount and how you can instil in your daughter the right way.

I read this book cover to cover because that’s how intriguing it was. I grew up in a joint family with four other cousin sisters, which helped develop the power perspective on how the illusion of perfection can nearly dismantle your whole being. I don’t necessarily need to have a daughter to appreciate the teachings of this book because apparently, I have been that little girl who didn’t grow up liking herself. And it cripples my heart to now look back and reflect how the little me got entangled in the cobwebs of insecurities and how I wish to undo certain things to love myself the way I was. And I bet I am not alone in this journey. Every girl knows at least one girl who’s lived an unhappy childhood because they were made to believe they’re not enough and do not match our society’s standards. It’s bizarre how society tells you their opinions are the most important when in reality, it’s only your opinion that counts. 

Kasey and Edward are one hundred percent correct when they say everything we experience gets filtered through our own interpretations and descriptions of the world. 

Another highlight of this book includes a short-dedicated section after every chapter for dads about dads. How often do you see that happening? Chances are zero to none. Dads often forget or underestimate their importance in raising a growing daughter. Those little hearts need you, just like they need their mums. A father’s job is not just to aid the financial aspects of the family. Those are the extensions but not the only specifications. 

Overall, this one makes for a great guide for parents of daughters or future parents in need of some power-packed information and tips. I finished the book in two days, and I highly recommend you give it a read. 

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Raising Girls Who Like Themselves by Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon was published on 2nd February 2021 by Penguin Books Australia. You can purchase the book here.

Title: Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

Author: Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Pages: 240

MRP: 34.99$