Book Review: Why First-borns Rule the World and Later-borns Want to Change It

Have you ever wondered why sometimes two people born into the same family are extreme opposites in nature? Why is one often accommodating while the other is born rebel? Does it have something to do with their birth order theory? In Why first-borns rule the world and later-borns want to change it, Michael Grose (one of Australia’s leading parenting and educational writers and speakers) has tried to answer these for you. 

Michael Grose first came up with Why First-borns Rule the World and Last-borns Want to Change It, back in 2003. The 288-pager aims to increase the parents understanding of raising each child differently according to their birth order traits. It was a great success and garnered a lot of curiosity. The book’s second edition brings along some revised information on the birth order algorithm and the factors affecting a child’s personality.

With the families shrinking down and the rise of the standard two-child family, Michael felt the title needed an upgrade, and so he switched it to ‘Later-borns‘ instead of ‘Last-borns‘. 

For a better relatability and understanding, Grose has dedicated a separate chapter on what he calls the Prince Harry effect. It reveals how despite enjoying a similar birth pool and surroundings with his eldest sibling William, Prince Harry showed his rebellious streak from an early age and developed a very different reputation to his brother in his late teens. Later-borns are often known to be the first in their family to flee the nest, a trait Prince Harry famously acquired. 

Overall, this book opens a room for gathering the basics on parenting matters. By understanding your own place or position in your family and its impact on your life, you can determine many factors that impact your children’s lives. 

If you’re having troubles dealing with the growing-up generation in your family and are unable to fathom what makes one significantly different from the other, then I recommend this book deep in my bones to you. 

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Why First-borns Rule the World and Later-borns Want to Change It by Michael Grose was published on 1st June 2021 by Penguin Books Australia. You can purchase the book here.

Title: Why First-borns Rule the World and Later-borns Want to Change It

Author: Michael Grose

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Pages: 288

MRP: 34.99$