Book Review: Sadvertising


In the mind-bendingly upside-down world of Sadvertising, iPhones have feelings, brands come to life, creative directors disappear into parallel universes and lowly freelancers become immortal. It’s a world where gods, ghosts and muses stalk the corridors of bland and placeless offices, and the wondrous exists alongside the mundane.

Short, punchy and direct, Ennis Cehic’s satirical fables are box-fresh and shot through with pitch-black humour, existential dread and late capitalist yearning for meaning. They grapple with love and loneliness, art and commerce, dream and reality, and reflect the absurdity of the modern condition.


Sadvertising is a modest take on advertising through Cehic’s eyes. Drawing references from his own experiences as an adman, he has tried to reinstate the fact that creativity is paramount, and advertising isn’t any interference to it but is an advantage. It does get messy and chaotic in parts, but it is still the very core of our existence. 

I truly loved the characters in Sadvertising. They range from everyday, carefree blood to polished and proper cosmopolitans (Kendall Jenner’s & Brand Manifesto stories are a part of my favourites). The beauty of Cehic’s work lies in the fact that while he has made the chapters simple, concise, and clear- they refuse to leave your mind long after you’ve finished reading them. Take this line, for instance- Introverts are very good collaborators. They bring a sense of calm, reason, and thoughtfulness to the collaborative process.

Ennis’s writing is shining throughout the pages of his stories! The essays are such a joy to read and have been told epically. The message of this book is simple- never underestimate the power of creative geniuses, for they can make or break you. 

To me this is going to be the collection I see myself running back to when I want to brush up on my copywriting skills. And for you, my dear readers, I recommend this to hop onto a fun ride that stages the unpredictable world of advertising.


Sadvertising was published on 1st March 2022 by Penguin Books Australia. You can purchase the book here.

AuthorEnnis Cehic
PublisherPenguin Books Australia
List Price32.99 AUD

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