Book Review: The Angry Women’s Choir


Freycinet Barnes has built herself the perfect existence. With beautiful children, a successful husband and a well-ordered schedule, it’s a life so full she simply doesn’t fit. 

When she steps outside her calendar and is accidentally thrown into the generous bosom of the West Moonah Women’s Choir, she finds music, laughter, friendship and a humming wellspring of rage. With the ready acceptance of the colourful choristers, Frey learns that voices can move mountains, fury can be kind, and life can do with a bit of ruining. 

Together, Frey and the choir sing their anger, they breathe it in and stitch it up, belt it out and spin it into a fierce, driving beat that will kick the system square in the balls, and possibly demolish them all.


Meet Freycinet Barnes- an ideal wife, mother, daughter and lover of everyday things. Much like her routine, her life is sorted from dawn to dusk, mainly involving the family. She knows she has a voice, but somewhere with responsibilities, she’s sacrificed all of her and lost that precious voice. 

She finally breathes some fresh air when she becomes a part of the fabulous bunch of West Moonah Women’s Choir. There she knows she can become herself again. Every member of the choir has a remarkable story, and they become one solid unit. They all have reasons to be mad about, and they know how to channel the anger musically. 

Not jumping on the new releases that come with the hype is just so hard! And books like The Angry Women’s Choir make it even harder to resist. It is a light-hearted exploration of what lies front and back of the facade in a domestic scenario. 

I loved this book so much and will happily recommend it to anyone looking to escape in a feel-good, light book with a lot of depth alongside. Meg Bignell’s writing flows so smoothly and captures you till the end. This is a book that I’m sure will be loved by so many people out there.

The Angry Women’s Choir was published on 5th July 2022 by Penguin Books Australia. You can purchase the book here.

TitleThe Angry Women’s Choir
AuthorMeg Bignell
PublisherPenguin Books Australia
List Price32.99 AUD

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