Book Review: The All of It: A Bogan Rhapsody


What’s it like to grow up in an Aussie family that has a man of every flavour? A bank robber, an infamous sports umpire, several different breeds of drug addict (collect the whole set!), a roster of crafty swindlers, an attempted murderer and the local town drunk. And what if you had a secret so ghastly that you feared it made you more disgraceful than all of your roguish ancestors combined?


Here’s a confession- I find it really weird to rate a memoir. I love every author’s spirit to write about their life experiences, so I find it extremely rude to attach a rating. After all, who am I to judge someone’s life?

What does it mean to be a woman? To feel like a woman? Cadance explains beautifully. The All of It: A Bogan Rhapsody is her personal account of self-discovery, acceptance and womanhood. Cadance has not lived an easy life; her life was the opposite of stable. But her journey is a breakthrough one because she had the wisdom and strength not to conform to society and own the life she longed for. 

Seven years ago, Ben was a millennial who questioned life just like the rest of us. Growing up in rural Australia, he fought with weight issues, overwhelming emotions of not being loved enough, endless thoughts of ending his life, and fighting and surviving school bullies. With this came the bouts of introspection, and he was ready to change everything, including the Ben part of his life. From there on, it becomes the story of Cadance Bell!

Bell’s memoir talks about all the trials she had to go through, the good times, the bad times, the people who have supported her, and those who have tried to tear her down. She’s grateful for all of it because they truly helped her become the person she is today- a woman full of strength and power! This book comes with the message that you can overcome any obstacle if you have a little hope and a lot of determination.

I highly recommend this beautifully penned memoir (all the more because it describes my favourite Mudgee in the best possible way)!! It’s out in all leading bookstores. 

The All of It was published on 5 July 2022 by Penguin Books Australia. You can purchase the book here.

TitleThe All of It: A Bogan Rhapsody
AuthorCadance Bell
PublisherPenguin Books Australia
List Price34.99 AUD